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A Decade in Review — Laying the Foundation for the Next Decade of Venture Investing

Over a series of articles, Arvind explores how a few interconnected themes will play out over the next decade. This first article reflects and assesses the technical evolution over the last decade, so we can look to the future of where we’re going.

digital transformation

Collaborating with Startups from a Corporate Viewpoint

As innovation accelerates and technology continues to permeate every aspect of how we live, work, and play, it’s more important than ever for corporations to establish and maintain an active strategy of startup engagement. Will Horyn explores the opportunity.

digital transformation

The API Flywheel and the Golden Age of Software

While APIs have been around for years, innovative integration of API-based services and the emerging flywheel effect on the software ecosystem that ensue have brought us to the golden age of software development.

digital transformation

COVID-19 is Igniting Digital Transformation

Enterprise SaaS has benefitted from the COVID-19 pandemic as companies are forced to transition to the cloud in response.

digital transformation