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We invest in multi-stage growth companies and provide strategic guidance and critical access to Asian markets, starting with Japan.

About Geodesic

Our Vision

In an age of digital transformation, we offer more than just financial support. Our team provides the platform for transformative, globally-minded companies to expand their worldwide footprint into Japan, and Asia.

Our Approach

Our Portfolio Companies
Our Portfolio Companies

We invest in leading technology companies with an eye
to long-term growth and help them scale if and when ready
in the rapidly expanding Asian markets, starting with Japan.

  • Databricks


    As one of the world’s largest economies, Japanese enterprises hold massive amounts of data making it a great market for a company like Databricks. After investing in 2017, we went to work building a strategy together. Databricks joined our annual Geodesic Forum in Tokyo where we made a year’s worth of introductions in a few days to build relationships with future customers and partners. Databricks later launched in Japan and our team continues to help them devise and execute their strategy, build an executive team, and create opportunities for exposure to high-level decision-makers in Japan. Today, Databricks has a strong local team and their early investments are paying off with signs of accelerating growth.

  • Figma


    In the summer of 2021, as Figma was raising its Series E, CEO Dylan Field was simultaneously exploring the Japanese market and evaluating investment partners. Our Japan team supported Figma in its market entry strategy and provided an overview of the design and prototyping market in Japan. After getting the opportunity to invest, Geodesic went to work helping Figma execute its plan, starting with the hiring of its Japan Country Manager and connecting them with design agencies, systems integration partners and major corporate customers. Today the company has significant momentum in Japan, where design has always been a core element of product development.

  • Netskope


    Entering Japan can be a challenging endeavor, but it’s one that pays off for the companies that commit. Back in 2017 when Geodesic invested in Netskope, cloud security was a challenge for most Japanese enterprises. Working with our Japan team, Netskope made early investments in product, people, and channel, and did the work to secure early adopters based on the specialized needs of Japanese customers. Netskope’s commitment paid off when the pandemic vastly accelerated trends like hybrid work and digital transformation in Japan and every company became concerned about how to secure their data in the cloud. Today, Japan is one of the company’s fastest-growing regions and Netskope’s leadership and long-term commitment to the market is paying off as we continue our work together.

Our Portfolio

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Scale AI – Powering Data Centricity for AI

“Data is the new oil” – a familiar but accurate commentary in our AI-driven era. As AI adoption accelerates with open/closed-source models and enterprise GenAI applications, the need for a robust data engine becomes paramount. We believe Scale AI is a compelling answer.

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Geodesic Forum 2024: a Reflection of Historic Changes and the Innovations Powering Growth in Japan

Japan is undergoing historic change and seeing new areas of active growth economically, technically and geopolitically. Reflecting these changes, Geodesic Forum 2024 brought together startup entrepreneurs from various fields such as AI, energy, and defense to share the latest innovations. Marcus Otsuji summarizes key learnings from the conference and lessons in furthering the Japan – US alliance.

digital transformation

Succeeding in Japan: Japan Entry GTM

In this installment of the “Succeeding in Japan” series, Marcus finally dives into the details of building a Japan entry GTM strategy. While this is by no means a comprehensive document, it’s meant to function as a useful guide for companies embarking on their Japan journey.

japan market entry
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