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Introducing Sakana: The Future of Foundation Models, Inspired by Adaptive Systems

We are excited to announce Geodesic’s participation in the seed financing round for Sakana AI and to back David Ha, Llion Jones, and Ren Ito to help them realize their vision of creating a new kind of foundation model based on nature-inspired intelligence.

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The Sun Rises Again: The New Opportunities for Founders and Investors Entering Japan

Japan is poised to become a bright spot as a market for DX and in its own right as a dynamic venture capital and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Jon Rezneck explores how innovations forced by Covid, the Kishida government's investments in their Startup Development Five-year Plan, and developments in GenAI have propelled this transition opening opportunities for founders and investors alike. 

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Nova Credit: Delivering Alternate Credit Data Infrastructure

Nova Credit, a pioneer in enabling financial credit access, has just announced their successful Series C and we're proud participants! This milestone underscores Nova Credit's mission of enabling a more fair and inclusive financial system for individuals around the world.

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Key Learnings for Open Source Companies Pursuing Japan

Divya explores how U.S. tech companies can capitalize on the momentum of their open source solutions in Japan.

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Geodesic Portfolio Companies in the 2023 Cloud 100

We’re excited to announce that Forbes released the 2023 list, naming 6 of our portfolio companies.

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Nile: Networking Reimagined

We're proud to welcome Nile to our portfolio and participate in their Series C round! They're poised to revolutionize the networking industry and cater to global customer demands like never before.

portfolio announcements A Leader of the Cloud Rebel Alliance

We’re thrilled to have invested in Fly! Kurt Mackey and his team have built a strong contender to the cloud service providers and content delivery networks.

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Green Transformation: How it’s Leveraging Technology to Address the Impacts of Climate Change

Businesses are adopting a GX framework to tackle environmental issues. Justin Yue from our investment team explores what GX is, its technology opportunities, global implementation, and future prospects.


A Decade in Review — Laying the Foundation for the Next Decade of Venture Investing

Over a series of articles, Arvind explores how a few interconnected themes will play out over the next decade. This first article reflects and assesses the technical evolution over the last decade, so we can look to the future of where we’re going.

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Our Investment in Chronosphere: Powering the Future of Observability

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in Chronosphere, a disruptor in the observability space created to serve the next generation of cloud-native companies with the world’s most scalable, reliable, and customizable cloud monitoring solution.

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Collaborating with Startups from a Corporate Viewpoint

As innovation accelerates and technology continues to permeate every aspect of how we live, work, and play, it’s more important than ever for corporations to establish and maintain an active strategy of startup engagement. Will Horyn explores the opportunity.

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Announcing Our Investment in TRM Labs

TRM Labs joins the Geodesic portfolio as our first bet on a Web3 future. TRM Labs makes Web3 safer for individuals and institutions to transact and easier for investigators to identify, prevent, and bring justice to financial crimes. We believe they will play a critical role in intuitional digital asset adoption through their virtuous flywheel of accuracy, transparency, and collaboration.

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Succeeding in Japan: Japan Entry GTM

In this installment of the “Succeeding in Japan” series, Marcus finally dives into the details of building a Japan entry GTM strategy. While this is by no means a comprehensive document, it’s meant to function as a useful guide for companies embarking on their Japan journey.

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Geodesic Portfolio Companies on the 2022 Cloud 100

We’re excited to announce that Forbes released the 2022 list, naming 10 of our portfolio companies.

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The Future of the Town Square: A Return to Privacy

With data privacy rules and regulations dominating headlines globally and big data continuing to grow, there is a natural tension that is hard to ignore. Brent explores how we arrived at our current state, and highlights the challenge created by the Privacy Paradox — consumers’ expectation of a personalized experience without the use of their personal data.


Our Investment in Edge Delta

We’re thrilled to welcome Edge Delta into the Geodesic family. We believe Edge Delta represents the future of observability, and a large portion of that confidence comes from the stellar team at the helm.

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Security Vendors, The Time for Japan is Now

Now is the time when security founders should press on the gas in Japan and take advantage of the opportunity at hand. Our latest article dives into: 1) Recent trends / why the time is now for security vendors in Japan; 2) Japan cyber market overview; and 3) Potential challenges for security founders to navigate in Japan.


Defining ESG & The Spectrum of Responsible Investing (Part 2)

SRI and Impact investing are often used interchangeably with ESG — but they’re distinctly different frameworks. This article outlines the differences between the three to encourage fruitful conversations about financial sustainability.


ESG: Speaking the Same Language (Part 1)

ESG rapidly gained mindshare and it is critical that we understand both its origin and purpose to have meaningful conversations about investing for long-term sustainable growth. In part 1, Nick looks at the history and relevance of ESG as a framework.


Succeeding in Japan: Demystifying the Cultural Divide

This article begins our discussion regarding “how” to succeed in Japan, starting with cultural and structural issues that will help inform your entry strategy.

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By the Numbers: Geodesic Portfolio Companies on the 2021 Cloud 100

We’re excited to announce that Forbes released the 2021 list, naming 12 of our portfolio companies.

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Netskope — The Next Global Security Company

Netskope announced a new funding round at a $7.5 billion valuation that Geodesic is proud to be a part of.

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When to Expand to the Japanese Market

“When should we go to Japan?” We address key questions entrepreneurs need to consider when evaluating this important milestone— from company benchmarks to staying competitive.

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Looking Forward: Culture Transformation

Founders and senior leadership must now forge forward and recognize transforming company culture in the remote work era is as essential as their digital transformation initiatives.

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MX: The Future of Intelligent Personalized Banking

MX is one of the support pillars to modern financial experiences so banks can better relate to their increasingly mobile-first consumers.

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The API Flywheel and the Golden Age of Software

While APIs have been around for years, innovative integration of API-based services and the emerging flywheel effect on the software ecosystem that ensue have brought us to the golden age of software development.

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Mobility Amid COVID: Transportation Solutions for a New Era

Explore the intersection between mobility, climate change, and technology as a follow-up to the prior article ‘Mobility During COVID-19 and the Corresponding Environmental Impact’.


Fintech entrepreneurs and investors, focus on the “Forgotten” Generation!

There’s a customer base out there that’s an untapped opportunity for Fintech entrepreneurs, investors, financial institutions alike: Gen X.


Unlocking Value From Your Venture Capital Partnerships

The LP base of a fund is a hidden asset, and if leveraged correctly, can play a critical role in driving value for a founder.

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After COVID-19, Japan Will Be a Greenfield Opportunity For Technology Companies

Investing in the Japanese market is a ripe opportunity that will not disappoint if you’re willing to make the commitment.

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COVID-19 is Igniting Digital Transformation

Enterprise SaaS has benefitted from the COVID-19 pandemic as companies are forced to transition to the cloud in response.

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Mobility During COVID-19 and the Corresponding Environmental Impact

As governments and companies alike begin to think about plans to re-open the economy, we are all wondering what the world will look like.


Why Managing Burn is So Important

You need to be reexamining how the economy grinding to a halt will impact your business.

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Key Lessons for Entering the Japanese Market

We’ve compiled some of these basics that apply to every company looking to enter the Japanese market.

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Going Global Powers Growth in Post IPO Companies

International Revenue Powers Late Stage Company Growth

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ThoughtSpot raises $248 million

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Winning In Japan

Your company is firmly on the path to success in the U.S. Customers love your products and sales are brisk.

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In the War for Machine Learning Talent, Who’s Investing to Win?

Most business leaders would agree that extracting insight from corporate data is a strategic imperative.

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Japan: a Good Fit for IIoT

Geodesic Capital’s mission is to introduce transformative U.S.-based technology companies to a broader global audience.

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The Startups’ Map To Global Expansion

The Startups’ Map To Global Expansion tl;dr: Planning on taking your startup global? Before you book tickets to London, read this. Every technology entrepreneur aspires to build a company that dominates globally. It’s a given that once a Silicon Valley startup wins the US market, it will look to new markets by following a well-established […]