A Bridge Between
Silicon Valley and Japan
A Bridge Between
Silicon Valley
and Japan

Our Story

In 2015, former U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos created Geodesic Capital to leverage the connections between Silicon Valley and Japan. After a career working with disruptive and innovative technology companies in Silicon Valley, followed by his service in Tokyo where he built close relationships with the leaders of corporate Japan, he launched Geodesic, the powerful culmination of both worlds – a bridge between Silicon Valley and Japan.

Geodesic understands that when an entrepreneur has an idea and the passion to pursue it, the goal is to win every market in the world. We invest in future-driven, globally minded founders and help them succeed in the Japanese market.

Why Japan?

As the world’s third largest economy and the second-largest market for enterprise software, Japan has an insatiable desire for emerging technologies. Changing demographics and COVID-19 have dramatically accelerated Japan’s movement toward digital transformation. Geodesic is helping founders capitalize on this moment in time - while at the same time helping Japanese companies embrace new technologies that will bring new efficiency, productivity, and security.

With offices located in Tokyo and Silicon Valley, our team of technology veterans in both locations make us uniquely positioned to search out and support cutting-edge start-ups focused on winning in global markets, particularly Japan. Founders recognize that Japan is an important market, but few have the experience, tools and relationships to do it well - and that’s where Geodesic comes in.

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Scale AI – Powering Data Centricity for AI

“Data is the new oil” – a familiar but accurate commentary in our AI-driven era. As AI adoption accelerates with open/closed-source models and enterprise GenAI applications, the need for a robust data engine becomes paramount. We believe Scale AI is a compelling answer.

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Geodesic Forum 2024: a Reflection of Historic Changes and the Innovations Powering Growth in Japan

Japan is undergoing historic change and seeing new areas of active growth economically, technically and geopolitically. Reflecting these changes, Geodesic Forum 2024 brought together startup entrepreneurs from various fields such as AI, energy, and defense to share the latest innovations. Marcus Otsuji summarizes key learnings from the conference and lessons in furthering the Japan – US alliance.

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Succeeding in Japan: Japan Entry GTM

In this installment of the “Succeeding in Japan” series, Marcus finally dives into the details of building a Japan entry GTM strategy. While this is by no means a comprehensive document, it’s meant to function as a useful guide for companies embarking on their Japan journey.

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