Our Portfolio Companies
Our Portfolio

We invest in leading technology companies with an eye
to long-term growth and help them scale if and when ready
in the rapidly expanding Asian markets, starting with Japan.

  • Airbnb

    Consumer, Has Operations in Japan

    World's largest online alternative travel and experiential accommodation provider.

  • Alkira

    Enterprise Infrastructure

    Networking for the cloud era with global unified network infrastructure delivered as-a-service.

  • AppZen

    AI/ML, Enterprise Applications

    Artificial Intelligence platform designed to automate manual processes, uncover problems and optimize decision-making for modern finance teams.

  • Aurora


    Designs and develops the Aurora Driver, which is the hardware, software, and data services that allow vehicles to drive themselves.

  • Bright Machines

    Enterprise Infrastructure

    Provides automation software designed to assist businesses to meet the growing demands of manufacturing.

  • Chronosphere

    Enterprise Infrastructure

    Provides cloud-native data monitoring tool, providing deep insight into the performance of a company's applications and infrastructure, enabling users to quickly identify and remediate issues.

  • Clearcover


    Online car insurance platform designed to offer the right coverage and improve automobile insurance.

  • Confluent

    Enterprise Infrastructure, Has Operations in Japan

    Confluent offers a new category of data infrastructure that connects applications, systems and data layers of the organization, to enable data streaming.

  • CyCognito

    Enterprise Infrastructure, Has Operations in Japan

    Developer of a cloud-based network security analysis platform designed to discover an organization's security weak spots.

  • Databricks

    AI/ML, Enterprise Infrastructure, Has Operations in Japan

    Databricks offers a data lakehouse so that enterprises have one simple platform to handle all data, analytics, and AI use cases.

  • DataRobot

    AI/ML, Enterprise Infrastructure, Has Operations in Japan

    Provides a platform that enables every organization to take advantage of advance in AI and machine learning.

  • Dremio

    Enterprise Infrastructure

    Provides self-service analytics with data warehouse functionality and data lake flexibility.

  • Duo Security

    Enterprise Infrastructure

    Internet security services that provides an authentication and mobile security software.

  • Earn


    Application platform intended to offer digital currency services.

  • Edge Delta

    Enterprise Infrastructure

    Developer of an analytics platform designed to offer distributed approach to identify and remediate potential operational and security incidents.

  • Figma

    Enterprise Applications, Has Operations in Japan

    Developer of a design tool built to help companies brainstorm, design, and build better products from start to finish.

  • Fly.io

    Enterprise Infrastructure

    Fly.io helps companies and software developers launch and run their applications with low latency speed and affordable prices, through a worldwide network of servers.

  • Forethought

    AI/ML, Enterprise Applications

    AI-powered customer service tools designed to embed relevant information into the daily workflows of employees proactively.

  • HashiCorp

    Enterprise Infrastructure, Has Operations in Japan

    Leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software.

  • Imply

    Enterprise Infrastructure

    A real-time analytics solution to store, query and visualize event-driven data.

  • Instart

    Enterprise Infrastructure

    Provider of a content delivery network (“CDN”) designed to accelerate web and mobile application performance.

  • inVision

    Enterprise Applications

    Digital product design platform intended to provide design tools and educational resources to navigate at every stage of the product design process.

  • JFrog

    Enterprise Infrastructure, Has Operations in Japan

    Provides an end-to-end universal Developer Operations (DevOps) Platform to achieve Continuous Software Release Management (CSRM).

  • Kin


    Developer of an online insurance platform for personalized and affordable home insurance.

  • Ladder


    Operator of an instant life insurance platform designed to serve financially savvy consumers.

  • Looker

    Enterprise Applications, Has Operations in Japan

    Cloud-based business intelligence and analytics platform that enables businesses to extract real value from data at scale.

  • Marqeta


    Card-issuing platform that offers the infrastructure and tools necessary to offer digital, physical, and tokenized payment options without the need for a traditional bank.

  • MX


    Infrastructure and software company focused on financial institutions that enables organizations to integrate, aggregate, cleanse, analyze and act on their consumer data in a regulated environment.

  • Netskope

    Enterprise Infrastructure, Has Operations in Japan

    Developer of a cloud security platform designed to provide visibility and real-time data and threat protection while accessing cloud services, websites, and private applications.

  • Nile

    Enterprise Infrastructure

    Networking-as-a-Service (NaaS) pioneer delivering enterprise-grade wired and wireless networking, globally.

  • Nova Credit


    Unlocks financial access for global immigrants and thin-to-no-file credit applicants, enabling a more fair and inclusive financial system

  • OneConcern

    AI/ML, Enterprise Applications, Has Operations in Japan

    Platform combining disaster science with machine learning for better decision-making.

  • Orbital Insight

    AI/ML, Enterprise Applications, Has Operations in Japan

    Developer of a geospatial analytics platform intended to offer a clear understanding of societal and economic trends.

  • Otter.ai

    AI/ML, Enterprise Applications

    AI- powered voice transcription service.

  • Paradox

    AI/ML, Enterprise Applications

    Leading conversational recruiting software.

  • Pendo

    Enterprise Applications, Has Operations in Japan

    Provides a customer engagement analytics platform designed to optimize customer experience.

  • Pilot


    Financial platform designed for bookkeeping and tax preparation services.

  • Pindrop Security

    Enterprise Infrastructure

    Establishes the standard for identity, security and intelligence for voice interactions, protecting some of the world’s biggest banks, insurers and retailers.

  • Sakana AI

    AI/ML, Has Operations in Japan

    A new kind of foundation model built using the principles of complex adaptive systems.

  • Scale AI


    A GenAI Platform that leverages your enterprise data to customize powerful base generative models to safely unlock the value of AI.

  • Sisu Data

    Enterprise Applications

    Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine offers AI/ML-powered automated analytics to deliver fast, comprehensive, and actionable insights on cloud-scale data.

  • Snap


    One of the leading social networking applications.

  • Synk Security

    Enterprise Infrastructure, Has Operations in Japan

    Developer of security analysis tools designed to identify open-source vulnerabilities as well as vulnerabilities in static code bases.

  • SourceGraph

    AI/ML, Enterprise Infrastructure

    A universal code search platform / engine that empowers its users (enterprise developers) to explore, navigate, and quickly understand all their code.

  • Tanium

    Enterprise Infrastructure, Has Operations in Japan

    A provider of an endpoint security platform for computer networks.

  • ThoughtSpot

    Enterprise Applications, Has Operations in Japan

    Enterprise analytics platform designed to easily analyze complex, large-scale enterprise data with an automatic, relational search engine.

  • Traceable

    Enterprise Infrastructure

    Context-aware API security platform protecting the full API lifecycle across all environments.

  • Transcarent


    A unified platform allowing employers to manage all of their healthcare benefits while improving quality of care and reducing costs.

  • Transmit Security

    Enterprise Infrastructure, Has Operations in Japan

    Operator of an identity platform that allows for password-less authentication via face detection and provides services like identity policy management and password-less workforce authentication.

  • TRM Labs


    Developer of a regulatory technology platform designed to address compliance for digital assets.

  • Uber

    Consumer, Has Operations in Japan

    On-demand technology platform for transportation and food delivery.

  • UiPath

    Enterprise Applications, Has Operations in Japan

    UiPath offers an end-to-end platform for automation, combining leading robotic process automation solutions with value-add capabilities.

  • Vercel

    Enterprise Infrastructure, Has Operations in Japan

    Cloud-based workflow platform that optimizes the entire development and deployment experience for front-end teams in a way that revolutionizes website development and performance.

  • Viz.ai

    AI/ML, Healthcare

    Developer of an AI-enabled intelligent care coordination platform for hospitals and life science companies that aligns multi-disciplinary teams.

  • Workato

    Enterprise Infrastructure, Has Operations in Japan

    An integration platform as a service (iPaaS) provider specializing in simplifying application integration, API development and integration operations in order to automate business operations.

Insights & Perspectives
Insights &

Scale AI – Powering Data Centricity for AI

“Data is the new oil” – a familiar but accurate commentary in our AI-driven era. As AI adoption accelerates with open/closed-source models and enterprise GenAI applications, the need for a robust data engine becomes paramount. We believe Scale AI is a compelling answer.

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Geodesic Forum 2024: a Reflection of Historic Changes and the Innovations Powering Growth in Japan

Japan is undergoing historic change and seeing new areas of active growth economically, technically and geopolitically. Reflecting these changes, Geodesic Forum 2024 brought together startup entrepreneurs from various fields such as AI, energy, and defense to share the latest innovations. Marcus Otsuji summarizes key learnings from the conference and lessons in furthering the Japan – US alliance.

digital transformation

Succeeding in Japan: Japan Entry GTM

In this installment of the “Succeeding in Japan” series, Marcus finally dives into the details of building a Japan entry GTM strategy. While this is by no means a comprehensive document, it’s meant to function as a useful guide for companies embarking on their Japan journey.

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