Announcing Our Investment in TRM Labs

Written by
Nick Giometti

For years, Geodesic Capital has been following the meteoric rise of Web3 technologies. Despite recent volatility in digital asset prices, we believe that use cases such as cross-border transactions, smart contracts, and creator commerce represent massive opportunities to create value for enterprises and consumers for decades to come. And as an investment firm dedicated to finding the best software companies bent on becoming globally dominant, we’ve seen far-reaching adoption of Web3 technologies abroad.

However, as both the number of digital assets and their use cases rapidly expand, so does the need for better governance to ensure their safety. And, as widespread Web3 adoption matures from crypto-native businesses to traditional financial institutions and government organizations, tools that enable compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks and will play critical roles in redefining transparency, security, and trust in a digital world. Enter TRM Labs.

TRM Labs is a digital asset compliance and risk management software company whose platform enables organizations to prevent illicit activity from occurring on their platforms — such as sanctions evasion or money laundering. Simply put, TRM Labs makes Web3 safer for individuals and institutions to transact and easier for investigators to identify, prevent, and bring justice to financial crimes.

We have conviction that TRM Labs is the best tool for catching illicit Web3 behavior for several reasons:

Cross-Chain Infrastructure:

Best-in-class Product:

The Right Team for the Job:

For all these reasons and more we are thrilled to welcome TRM Labs into the Geodesic family as our first bet on a Web3 future. We believe TRM Labs will play a critical role in intuitional digital asset adoption through its virtuous flywheel of accuracy, transparency, and collaboration. We cannot wait to see where Esteban and his team will go!