Traceable: Securing the Universal Attack Vector

Written by
Divya Sudhakar, Will Horyn and Justin Yue

Over the last few years, APIs have become a universal attack vector, causing an increasing number of large-scale breaches. Global businesses such as T-Mobile, Capital One and Venmo experienced API breaches in recent years, which compromised millions of customers’ data. Attacks previously distributed across a wide array of technologies are now often funneled through APIs, which act as gateways to critical systems and data. As more workloads have shifted to the cloud with microservices-based architectures, enterprises have begun to suffer from API sprawl and struggle to answer simple questions such as how many APIs they have, where they reside, who has access to them, and what they are doing. Coupled with this, technology trends such as the rise of edge computing and generative AI, plus the reliance upon integrations to connect disparate software systems, have caused an explosion in the number of APIs and associated API traffic. All of this has vastly expanded an enterprise’s attack surface area, creating massive vulnerabilities as APIs are used to access critical systems and sensitive data.

Every new API, including both first-party and third-party APIs, represents a potential entry point into an enterprise’s digital estate. Currently, many of these are uncatalogued and unmanaged. This can have substantial ramifications including financial loss, loss of IP, brand value erosion, and failure in company operations. It is critical to understand the context between API activity, user activity, data flow, and code execution. Legacy cybersecurity solutions are not equipped to handle the depth of data collection and analysis at the API layer required for effective API security, driving the need for a new solution fit for the modern enterprise. 

Enter Traceable: the industry’s most comprehensive solution to protect enterprises against large-scale and damaging API breaches. The company provides an end-to-end platform for complete API security, spanning proactive security posture management, real-time threat protection, and retroactive threat management, across the full software development lifecycle. Traceable achieves this by leveraging its proprietary data lake architecture to capture and analyze every API call over extended periods to provide the most complete context on what’s happening. The company’s industry-leading product is used by many of the top global enterprises today including Informatica, Canon and Credit Karma. Customers have found that Traceable gives them significantly greater visibility into their API footprint and helps identify and block abuse across their multi-cloud and hybrid environments. 

Traceable was founded by Jyoti Bansal and Sanjay Nagaraj, both of whom previously built and sold AppDynamics. With their deep background in observability, Jyoti and Sanjay saw the need for a more in-depth API security platform. The company has built a formidable team to continue the momentum and we at Geodesic are proud to partner with Traceable on its journey to secure every API!