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Scale AI – Powering Data Centricity for AI

"Data is the new oil" – a familiar but accurate commentary in our AI-driven era. As AI adoption accelerates with open/closed-source models and enterprise GenAI applications, the need for a robust data engine becomes paramount. We believe Scale AI is a compelling answer.

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Alkira: Accelerating Network Infrastructure for the Age of AI

The explosive growth of cloud applications and AI workloads demand a new era of networking solutions – agile, secure, scalable, and cost-efficient. This is where Alkira shines. We’re proud to welcome Alkira to the Geodesic portfolio and participate in their Series C.

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Transcarent: Redefining Health & Care Access

We're proud to welcome Transcarent to the portfolio and support their team as they strive to reshape healthcare accessibility and affordability. With US healthcare spending on the rise and an abundance of digital health solutions, Transcarent's unified platform provides a single pane of glass for employers to manage all of their healthcare benefits.

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Traceable: Securing the Universal Attack Vector

In an era where APIs are key security vulnerabilities and prime targets for cyber threats, Traceable is the industry’s most comprehensive solution to protect enterprises against large-scale and damaging API breaches. We at Geodesic are proud to partner with Traceable on its journey to secure every API!

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Introducing Sakana: The Future of Foundation Models, Inspired by Adaptive Systems

We are excited to announce Geodesic’s participation in the seed financing round for Sakana AI and to back David Ha, Llion Jones, and Ren Ito to help them realize their vision of creating a new kind of foundation model based on nature-inspired intelligence.

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Nova Credit: Delivering Alternate Credit Data Infrastructure

Nova Credit, a pioneer in enabling financial credit access, has just announced their successful Series C and we're proud participants! This milestone underscores Nova Credit's mission of enabling a more fair and inclusive financial system for individuals around the world.

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Geodesic Portfolio Companies in the 2023 Cloud 100

We’re excited to announce that Forbes released the 2023 list, naming 6 of our portfolio companies.

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Nile: Networking Reimagined

We're proud to welcome Nile to our portfolio and participate in their Series C round! They're poised to revolutionize the networking industry and cater to global customer demands like never before.

portfolio announcements A Leader of the Cloud Rebel Alliance

We’re thrilled to have invested in Fly! Kurt Mackey and his team have built a strong contender to the cloud service providers and content delivery networks.

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Our Investment in Chronosphere: Powering the Future of Observability

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in Chronosphere, a disruptor in the observability space created to serve the next generation of cloud-native companies with the world’s most scalable, reliable, and customizable cloud monitoring solution.

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Announcing Our Investment in TRM Labs

TRM Labs joins the Geodesic portfolio as our first bet on a Web3 future. TRM Labs makes Web3 safer for individuals and institutions to transact and easier for investigators to identify, prevent, and bring justice to financial crimes. We believe they will play a critical role in intuitional digital asset adoption through their virtuous flywheel of accuracy, transparency, and collaboration.

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Geodesic Portfolio Companies on the 2022 Cloud 100

We’re excited to announce that Forbes released the 2022 list, naming 10 of our portfolio companies.

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Our Investment in Edge Delta

We’re thrilled to welcome Edge Delta into the Geodesic family. We believe Edge Delta represents the future of observability, and a large portion of that confidence comes from the stellar team at the helm.

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By the Numbers: Geodesic Portfolio Companies on the 2021 Cloud 100

We’re excited to announce that Forbes released the 2021 list, naming 12 of our portfolio companies.

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Netskope — The Next Global Security Company

Netskope announced a new funding round at a $7.5 billion valuation that Geodesic is proud to be a part of.

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MX: The Future of Intelligent Personalized Banking

MX is one of the support pillars to modern financial experiences so banks can better relate to their increasingly mobile-first consumers.

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